Welcome to Gamma Command!

Gamma Command is the headquarters for all Starfleet operations in the Gamma Quadrant. Construction of the station began in March 2387 and has not yet been completed. At present, the station is approximately 70 percent complete with only the administrative, repair, refueling, and most civilian sections finished. The estimated completion is scheduled for mid-2391.

The current sim year is 2390, and while construction on Gamma Command continues, operations within the base have commenced. In addition to regular base operations, Gamma Command:

  1. is responsible for the security of the Ha'dara system

  2. holds the HQ for admiralty operations

  3. features a full repair and service yard and docking system, capable of supporting up to 16 ships

  4. houses Search and Rescue, Scientific and Technical Assessment Teams, a full Starfighter Wing

  5. ...and more!

Our unique premise allows for an open-world environment! Once on board, you're welcome to casually stroll throughout the starbase, or even lead an entire department on your own. You're also free to link up with existing players and collaborate on the various storylines that are developing. You can read more about our world and how it operates here.

Ready to begin?

Follow the information below to get started. Welcome to Gamma Command.

» Gamma's Demon Ship

Posted on 11 Oct 2022 @ 12:48pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Commander B'Elora Helsing

Chief Petty Officer Bejan Vehn, an unjoined Trill, stood at the window of one of the yard's observation rooms. He had a PADD in hand, one of the many scattered across the table behind him. "A Century-class...a brand new Century-class...and she's already back in the docks." He watched as a…

» [Education] Checking In

Posted on 31 Aug 2021 @ 12:38pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell & Captain Kennedy Harper & Petty Officer 1st Class Janell Tanika

Kennedy approached the office of Admiral Zachary O'Connell. It was finally time for her to check in. She knew he was a busy man, and thankfully, set up an appointment ahead of time. She'd only been with Gamma Command for a couple weeks once she learned she would be transferring.…

» From Poolside to Gamma Quadrant

Posted on 27 Aug 2021 @ 12:31am by Lieutenant Commander Ogunsanwo Babatunde

“Lieutenant Commander Ogunsanwo Babatunde, please report to the Administration level.”

He looked up from his PADD, as if he’d actually see the source of the voice summoning him. “On my way,” he said, his words entering the air and fading like vapor. Around him, built into the bulkheads, and on…

» The Blue Dinner

Posted on 22 Aug 2021 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Ashlie (Ash) Eider

Ashlie had somewhat settled her quarters after her check-in. There was much unpacking to do, but the basics were done, including some comfortable outfits. Given the size of the promenade here, she'd not want to always be in uniform when she went wandering. She needed to keep looking over the…

» Settling In

Posted on 19 Aug 2021 @ 11:31pm by Lieutenant Commander David Moreau

Lieutenant Commander David Moreau sat in the 'Crow's Nest' as the Security Operations Center was called on the station, looking at the vast array of consoles, personnel moving to and for under his overwatch position, and the steady stream of reports coming up on the screens all around him.


» New Chief Engineer

Posted on 06 Jul 2022 @ 4:55am by Admiral Zachary O'Connell in Sim Announcement

Please welcome Lt. Cmdr. Daxton Tolland, Gamma Command's new Chief Engineer. Now we can break things and get them fixed!

» Medic Ahoy!

Posted on 02 Aug 2021 @ 1:56pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell in General News

Please welcome our new Chief of Medicine for the Gamma Quadrant, Captain Issac Thorpe!

» Need an Expert, STAT!

Posted on 26 Jul 2021 @ 5:26pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell in General News

Please welcome Lieutenant Commander Ogunsanwo Babatunde, our STAT Team Lead!

» Open for Business!

Posted on 25 Jul 2021 @ 3:08pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell in General News

Hello all,

Gamma Command is OPEN!!!

We welcome our initial players:

-- Captain Kennedy Harper, Dean of Education
-- Commander Terry Walsh, Wing Commander
-- Lt. Commander David Moreau, Chief of Security
-- Lt. Commander Ashlie Elder

Two other positions have also been reserved for other players, pending bios.

Here's to our exciting adventures in the Ha'dara system!