Commander B'Elora Helsing

Name B'Elora Helsing

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Klingon
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 8”
Weight 143 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Bronze
Physical Description B’Elora’s skin is bronze, like that of a deep tan. Her eyes are light brown and her hair, which she typically keeps down and allows to fall over her shoulders, is brown and wavy. Her angled jaw line is accentuated by her high cheekbones. She has the nasal and forehead structure of a Klingon, softened by the genetics of her human mother. She is also rather slender.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dukath (Son of Margon)
Mother Kalitta, nee Helsing
Brother(s) T’gah, Vekmah

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite her smaller than normal stature, B’Elora can hold her own decently enough. Unless of course she’s obviously overpowered. Over the years, there have been few who tried to ‘woo’ her in one form or another. Several of them even presumptuously tried Klingon rituals. So she has grown accustomed to vehemently defending herself and her honor.

B’Elora has anger issues. It makes her mad that most people see her and immediately pass judgment that she is a fragile, half-Klingon woman. She tends to get rather angry when that idea is even hinted at. As a result, she is quick tempered and can get angry when provoked. She is working on the difficulty of controlling her anger, but it has led to the occasional fight.

B’Elora also prefers her privacy. She is rarely ever open about herself or her past with anyone. She doesn’t see too much of a grey area when it comes to ‘sharing’. Overtly friendly and social people tend to be an annoyance to her; she wanders what their ulterior motive is. In her mind, one would simply say what needed to be said while looking the other in the eyes. To not do so would be considered an insult. She holds honor and integrity above all else.
Strengths & Weaknesses + self defense
+ adventurous

- quick temper, can get angry when provoked
- risk taker, the status quo isn’t good enough
Ambitions Keep moving forward in her career as far as she can. She is very career focused.
Hobbies & Interests Combat Jujitsu, of all the things for B’Elora to become interested in at the Academy…at least that’s what her parents said. She came by it when she saw some students grappling and rolling. She started taking lessons in her off time while at the Academy, but she graduated before she could substantially progress. B’Elora continues to train but has been unable to progress well without an in-person trainer. She also enjoys studying starship battle tactics. Two of her favorite books were, and still are, The Military Strategies of Klingon General Korrd and The Fall of Kang by the Klingon poet G'Trok.

Personal History B’Elora’s father is Klingon and her mother is Human. Dukath was a pilot for the Klingon Defense Force when he met Kalitta at a station along the Klingon-Federation border. She was there via transport to get fresh produce and meat for the Klingon restaurant where she worked on the Starfleet base. Long story short, Kalitta kept coming back and Dukath started spending more and more time with her on each trip. His fellow warriors began to question his loyalties and he ignored them. He was falling in love with Kalitta.

When they eventually mated and married, Dukath was looked down on by other Klingons. When they found out Kalitta was pregnant with their first son, Dukath resigned from the KDF. Word got back to the House of Antaak regarding his exploits and resignation. He was considered a dishonor to the House for voluntarily stepping down from his position as a warrior for the Empire. With his military career over and his status within the House questionable, Dukath inquired into the merchant class of Klingons. These Klingons were powerful in their own ways, yet relegated to a lower level of respect in society. He bought a small transport ship, moved his family on board, went to the Federation-Klingon boarder, and started transporting goods for a price. Most of the shipping was done between the border worlds on the Klingon side.

Some years later, Dukath sold the first ship and bought a better, slightly larger ship. He still ran it himself and with his family, but he had to hire a few extra crew members. It was during this time that his second son was born and the business began to really take off. The family moved to the Starfleet base where Kalitta used to work and started a small shipping business. Dukath split his time between his family and running the ship. The business got to the point to where Dukath could purchase a smaller ship and start to expand. Shortly after that, B’Elora was born. She is the youngest of three children and the only daughter; which could sometimes make things interesting around their family quarters. Fights, or feats of combat as they liked to call them, between the siblings was a regular event.

As they grew into their teen years, B’Elora’s brothers grew in size and strength while she remained rather slender. Feats of combat became harder for B’Elora, but she never gave up trying to best her brothers. Her father eventually started favoring her older brothers, much to her mother’s disappointment. As much as Dukath may have wanted his sons to become warriors in the KDF, he knew they would never have a chance. He pushed them to choose their own destinies; whether it was taking more responsibility in the shipping business or Starfleet. B’Elora was intent on proving to her father that she was capable of accomplishing almost anything her brothers could. During the beginning of her upper education years, B’Elora started learning Mok'bara. She realized that her light-weight physique was actually a blessing as she was faster and more agile than most others. She also learned that it helped with her anger issues.

Upon completing her education, applied to and was accepted at Starfleet Academy. The feisty young woman was still intent on proving herself. She entered Starfleet Academy and majored in Flight with a minor in Tactical Systems and Weapons. To her father’s delight, he had unknowingly created a desire in his daughter to fly. He had taken her with him on several of his shipping runs and had her at the business many times.

Her first year at Starfleet Academy was pretty hard and boring…at least from her perspective. The hardest part was the science classes, all of them. Several of those classes, Temporal Mechanics for example, she just barely passed. The professors recommended her to tutors, which she took full advantage of. Two of the most boring classes that first year were Interspecies Ethics & Protocol and Intrasystem Peacekeeping Operations. She understood why Starfleet had them, but that still didn’t make them exciting. So she trudged through them. The only thing she found exciting about Earth History was when they got into the section regarding ancient Earth. The accounts of Japanese samurai and Mongols intrigued the young woman.

She found the second year to be better, more fun, and more her speed. As an elective, she took Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat because she thought she might be pretty good. Or at least build on what she started when fighting with her brothers. One of the courses that B’Elora excelled at that year was Klingon Physiology, for obvious reasons. Of the required reading, B’Elora enjoyed the Klingon books most of all. Two of which she was already familiar with and was surprised to see in Starfleet’s training. It was during her fourth month, that she walked in on a small group of human students grappling and rolling in what she thought was feats of combat. She later discovered it to be Combat Jujitsu. She joined the group and was a part of them until she graduated.

The rest of her time at Academy was typical as she began to make friends and enjoy the time spent with them. There was one event, however, that drastically impacted her personality and caused her to become more private and withdraw emotionally and socially. She was attacked during her senior year.

She was working on a science project in a lab after the normal class times for extra credit. When she finished, she left the lab and walked back to her dorm. A lone Klingon student, Cadet Torg, Son of J’mkol, had been watching and approached her. After some brief conversation, he made his interest in her very clear and stated his intentions. B’Elora pushed him aside, refused, and declared ‘no’ to his interest and intentions. She started to run down the sidewalk only to be shoved from the back and thrown face forward into the grass. Upon rolling over, she saw Torg, bloodlust in his eyes for being rejected, bringing his fist toward her head. B’Elora began to grapple and roll as she’d been learning and managed to free herself. Some students walking by saw and hear heard what was happening. They immediately called for Security. An investigation ensued which brought to light more dishonorable deeds by Torg, Son of J’mkol.

To the relief of her family, B’Elora was found to have fought honorably and bravely against the dishonorable Torg and was declared innocent. Torg, Son of J’mkol was found guilty, dishonorably discharged from the Academy and placed in the brig. Dishonor and shame found its way to him and his family.

After all of this, B’Elora devoted her life to her career. She graduated as an Ensign in the Flight Department and was sent to Deep Space 3 to await further orders. She would work hard and press toward advancement in rank and knowledge of her trained skill set. She would become the best pilot Starfleet ever had. She went on to serve aboard two starships, a starbase, and two more starships before arriving someplace she thought she’d never see...a Command Starbase.

Her first assignment was the Luna-class USS Hyperion. She served as a Flight Control Officer for Beta Shift and eventually worked her way to Assistant Chief FCO over time. Flying the big ships was more uneventful than she thought. Her adventurous side wanted something more, something riskier. She filed a request, supported by her CO, for Starfighter Pilot training at the Academy. The request was approved and B’Elora went back to Academy for more specialized training.

Her next duty assignment after training put her on the USS Kyushu, an Akira-class cruiser with a small squadron attached. Eventually, the Squadron was reassigned to Starbase 3, where B’Elora had temporarily gone right after Academy graduation. There weren’t very many people still there that she knew, but there were a few. And they were all able to catch-up with each other. The Sovereign-class USS Excalibur was her next assignment. It was here that B’Elora learned to fly the Valkyrie and Gryphon-class fighters and became rather fond of them both. She always thought she’d never like something more than the Peregrine workhorses, but she was wrong. It was also on the Excalibur that she was promoted from Flight Leader to Squadron Commander. From there, she found herself aboard the USS Arondight, a Century-class vessel, as their Squadron Commander. After her tenure there, she was reassigned to Gamma Command as their Wing Commander.

Assignments and Access

Service Record

Service Record • Starfleet Academy
• USS Hyperion, Luna-class: Flight Control Officer > Asst. Chief Flight Control Officer
*Break in service for Starfighter Pilot training at Starfleet Academy.*
• USS Kyushu, Akira-class: 63rd Fighter Squadron (Peregrine-class) Fighter Pilot
• Starbase 3: Reassigned 63rd Fighter Squadron (Peregrine-class) Fighter Pilot > Flight Leader
• USS Excalibur, Sovereign-class: 335th Fighter Squadron (Valkyrie and Gryphon-class) Flight Leader > Squadron Commander
• USS Arondight, Century-class: 363rd Fighter Squadron (Gryphon-class) Squadron Commander
• Gamma Command, Aurora-class: Wing Commander, Interim
• Gamma Command, Aurora-class: Squadron Leader upon return of Wing Commander from TAD