The Sim

Gamma Command is a unique Star Trek Simulation. Whereas many games will allow you to pick a position, such as a Senior Staff position, Gamma Command has a much broader scope.

Our players will often work independently of one another, developing various aspects of life in the Gamma Quadrant, specifically the Ha'dara system. When applying, Players can choose from available section head positions, whether it be commanding and operating the starbase, the starfighter wing, or even focus on perimeter defense.

These section head positions will allow the player to work with the sim's management team to develop various stories that involve the members of that section. For instance, the Search and Rescue team may be sent to retrieve a civilian freighter that's being swallowed by a black hole, or the Yard Engineers may be working on a difficult repair.

While our priority is to secure a head for each section, potential players may seek a position within one of these staffed departments. Current players are also welcome to create an NPC character in order to participate in those stories as well, provided that the section head, and the game's management staff, approves of that character.

To learn more about the different departments within Gamma Command, please refer to the sidebar.