Lieutenant Commander Ogunsanwo Babatunde

Name Ogunsanwo Kehinde Babatunde

Position Team Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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04 Jan 2023 @ 5:56pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m
Weight 82kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sanwo wears his hair in long, thin dreadlocks that he ties back when on duty. He also wears a goatee. Overall, Sanwo is solidly built. He takes care of his body. He enjoys eating so he makes sure to spend time in the gym every day


Children Kanelo Charles Babatunde, 5
Father Alonge Okanlawon Babatunde, 62, Tribal Elder
Mother Abeo Shade Babatunde, 61, Singer
Brother(s) Oluyemi Taiwo Babatunde, 35, Farmer
Omotunde Olugbodi Babetunde, 21, Engineering Student, African Continental University (Accra Campus)
Sister(s) Dr. Baderinwa Monifa Abiola, 38, Senior Fellow, Kinshasa Institute of Zoology
Dr. Titilayo Folade Adeboro, 31, General Practitioner
Lieutenant Olufunmilayo Yejide Babatunde, 28, Tactical Officer, USS Archer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanwo is normally in a good mood. He can usually be found with a smile on his face. He loves to laugh and as such, enjoys telling jokes to anyone who will listen. He does have a very serious side, which can throw people off if they’re only familiar with his more fun-loving side.

Personal History Ogunsanwo (Sanwo to his friends) and his identical twin brother Oluyemi were born to a Yoruba tribal Elder (Alonge) and a professional singer (Abeo). His parents already had one child, a daughter named Baderinwa. Sanwo was born thirteen minutes after Oluyemi. He has two younger sisters (Titilayo and Olufunmilayo) and a younger brother (Omotunde).

Sanwo’s childhood was spent in the classroom in the morning, and learning the ways of his people in the afternoons. Like his siblings, Sanwo was a fast learner, showing aptitude in both mathematics and languages. Despite technically being the second born son, Sanwo’s father placed the weight of future tribal rule on him. Sanwo spent hours learning the skills and rituals necessary to reign over his tribe. But he was never interested in staying in his tribal lands. He wanted to leave the African Confederation and journey into space. He wanted to join Starfleet. When Sanwo first told his father about his dream, his father expressed his extreme disappointment, but admitted that it was not his place to decide Sanwo’s future.

Sanwo’s gift for languages evidenced itself when he was able to attain moderate proficency in Wolof in only a couple of weeks. He could just pick the language up from conversations. When he was 13, Sanwo’s parents sent him to the Language Institute in Timbuktu. Over his three years there, he obtained training in Twi, Ashante, Zulu, German, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi. When he was 16, he attended a Starfleet Academy Prepatory Program. This program provided him the opportunity to essentially begin his Academy career a year early. He was able to complete his freshman courses before even getting to the Academy.

When, at age 17, he began studying at Starfleet Academy, he concentrated on Communications and Navigation courses. In the middle of his second year, he discovered that because of his time in the prep program, he would be able attend an advanced school in his senior year. It took Sanwo several months to decide which school to apply for. Under the advisement of his faculty advisor, Sanwo submitted applications to three advanced programs: the Sato School of Linguistics, the Hutchinson School of Bridge Operations, and the Advanced Flight and Navigation Institute. First he wasn’t accepted to the Sato School which had been his first choice. Then he wasn’t accepted to the Flight and Navigation Institute. The Hutchinson School wanted him though. So he spent his senior year learning about advanced Bridge Operations. The Hutchinson School qualified him to man any Bridge station and included some Command courses, enough that he would be qualified to stand as Command Watch Officer.

Upon graduation, Sanwo was posted to the Excelsior-class USS Feynman under the command of Captain T'Ranik as a relief helmsman. After three years and a promotion to Lieutenant JG, Sanwo applied for a transfer to a recent opening in the Operations department. For two years he served as a communications officer before being promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Exeter as Senior Communications Officer. During his four years on the Exeter, Sanwo had a relationship with the Chief Science Officer. They talked about getting married, but mutually decided that since they would inevitably end up on different ships it would be hard to maintain a marriage. After a falling out with the Exeter’s Executive Officer, Sanwo was assigned to the Nebula-class Hathaway as Chief Flight Control Officer. Upon his arrival, he began a relationship with the senior geologist and they had a child. After eleven months as Chief Flight Control Officer, he transferred to the then available Chief Operations Officer position. During his two years as Chief Operations Officer on the Hathaway, he was involved in First Contact with the Chiarosans. He was able to learn their language and rewrote the universal translator’s matrix to include the Chiarosan language.

That achievement earned Sanwo a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and a transfer to Starbase Three, one of the major communications hubs, as Chief Communications Officer. Though he liked the promotion, Sanwo didn’t enjoy life on a Starbase. He had joined Starfleet to serve on starships. He wanted to be visiting new places, not stuck on a station. So when he heard that the Excelsior-class USS Fearless would be leaving spacedock on a one year, post-refit shakedown cruise, he requested a transfer. During the Fearless’ shakedown, the XO was leading an away mission when the ship was attacked by an unknown hostile ship. The Captain was injured so Sanwo assumed command and successfully defended the ship. The hostile ship was disabled in the battle and self-destructed before Sanwo could get it in tow. For his actions, Sanwo was awarded the Nebula Star.

When the Fearless returned from its shakedown, Sanwo was transferred to Gamma Command and assigned STAT Team leader.

Assignments and Access

Supervising Officer Chief of Special Operations
Authorization Code Epilson-Gamma-7-7-Alpha-9
Data Access Level 7
Security Access Beta One

Service Record

Service Record 2372 - 2376 Cadet, Student, Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2379 Ensign, Flight Control Officer, USS Feynman
2379 - 2381 Lieutenant JG, Communications Officer, USS Feynman
2381 - 2385 Lieutenant, Senior Communications Officer, USS Exeter
2385 - 2386 Lieutenant, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Hathaway
2386 - 2388 Lieutenant, Chief Operations Officer, USS Hathaway
2388 - 2389 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Communications Officer, Starbase Three
2389 - 2390 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Operations Officer/Second Officer, USS Fearless
2390 - Present Lieutenant Commander, STAT Team Leader, Gamma Command