Lieutenant Commander Daxton Tolland

Name Daxton Miles Tolland

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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24 Apr 2023 @ 6:27am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light Tan
Physical Description Of average height and build, Dax would not stand out at all if not for his tousled hair and ubiquitous smile.


Father Trenton Tolland (deceased) - Boatswain for SS Festival Fiesta
Mother Piper Tolland née Dubois (61) - Lounge Singer at Festival Cruises (Retired)
Brother(s) Trevor Tolland (37) - Adjunct Professor of Geoscience at Galapagos University

Roman Tolland (30) - Grill Cook at Cayo Caballo Resort & New Kokomo Surf Champion
Sister(s) Jocasta Tolland (28) - LTJG | USS Sato - Assistant Chief of Operations

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a mild-mannered and chatty person from the coast culture of Pacifica, Dax has never met a stranger. He’s quick with a sunny smile and seldom with a harsh word except in jest. Generally reliable, Dax meets most expectations although often with a dash of personal flair. Not one to cause trouble, Dax assumes the role of peacemaker in most disputes, but he would generally prefer to avoid them altogether. His problem-solving skills are exceptional when motivated, but otherwise he is a rank and file officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Good-humored
+High technical aptitude
+High dexterity
+Intuitively operates most devices and vehicles

-Avoids conflict
-Requires motivation to excel
Ambitions See Weaknesses. Dax just wants to do his job, win the girl, and go home happy. Maybe not even in that order.
Hobbies & Interests Dax is a connoisseur of fine spirits and cigars and games of strategy. He’s often found playing Sudoku between tasks while on duty. Despite the surfer culture of his hometown of New Kokomo City, Dax does not care much for watersports.

Personal History Born on Pacifica, Dax never knew any real discomfort until he entered Starfleet. His father and mother met aboard the SS Festival Fiesta, a luxury cruise liner which employed them both. A whirlwind romance led to Dax’s older brother, Trevor, being conceived. The two individuals who could not be more dissimilar got married and had four children altogether, Dax being the second. Not long before his sister was born, however, Dax’s father Trenton was lost at sea during an underwater repair which turned fatal. Their mother soon fell to alcoholism, leaving little room for parenting between her addiction and her profession. Left to themselves, with most of them never knowing their father, Dax and his siblings lived the stereotypical carefree life of Pacifica due to their status as latchkey children. They were free to study or tinker or screw around as they pleased, and their diverse outcomes in life certainly reflect the independence of their youth.
Year in and year out spent in the tropical resort paradise that was rivaled only by the decadence of Risa made Dax unfocused in Starfleet during his cadet years. He initially entered the Flight Control track due to his high simulator scores. Bored with the thought of being tied to a helm for the rest of his life, Dax wanted to stretch his legs a bit and wound up in Engineering.
Graduating as an Engineer, Dax did a little bit of everything: environmental control, hull repair, EPS maintenance, communications optimization, and even cross-trained with Security in tactical sensor and electronic warfare protocols.
His quiet, carefree approach to life saw him rise through the ranks since nobody had much negative to say about him.

Assignments and Access

Supervising Officer Commodore Salire
Authorization Code Lamba-3-3-Tango-Beta-Eta-Tau

Service Record

Service Record 2390
LT CMDR | Chief Engineer - Gamma Command

LT | Chief Engineer - Deep Space 5

LT | Chief of Maintenance and R&D - Gagarin Station

LTJG | Research & Development Technician - Gagarin Station

ENS | Engineer - USS USS Kirigi