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The Blue Dinner

Posted on 22 Aug 2021 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Ashlie (Ash) Eider

Mission: 2390
Location: Opaka Center
Timeline: Date 2390-03-05 at 1730

Ashlie had somewhat settled her quarters after her check-in. There was much unpacking to do, but the basics were done, including some comfortable outfits. Given the size of the promenade here, she'd not want to always be in uniform when she went wandering. She needed to keep looking over the list of science officers and setup a meeting, work on scheduling, but that could wait for her second day.

She wanted to see what the station had to offer, and now was a chance. Finally getting out of uniform and into some comfortable black pants and a purple shirt, Ash set off to find some good food and maybe some entertainment.

With it being dinner time, the place was busy. Some of what she could only guess were the popular places had lines or were crowded. Others seemed to have next to no one there. Raising an eyebrow at one of the signs, she couldn't help but smirk and decided to go see what was there.

The Bleeding Spaceship

The person at the counter seemed to perk up as Ashlie got closer. "Welcome! We haven't had anyone new lately. How can we help you?" They hit a button and the menu appeared on a holographic display. She was honestly surprised how good it all looked.

"Are these..."

"Yes! Meats from all the quadrants, turned into almost anything you like. Pulled meat, sandwich of some sort, hell, we'll even stir fry!"

Smiling at all the choices, she did wonder why this place wasn't more popular. There were so many options and so many ways to have the food. "Know what, surprise me. Whatever you think is your best dish, but stir fry it."

The man's smile grew as he nodded and looked back to his other employee who was there with him. "You heard her, best stir fry we can provide!"

"You mean I get to..." stated the woman. The man only nodded and the women set to work.

After about 5 minutes, a bowl of stir fry with vegetables, some crispy noodles, and some blue looking meat (though it was obviously cooked) appeared. "This is what we got started on. We figured here was a place people would be adventurous but..." The man handed Ashlie the bowl.

"Thank you. Maybe putting up more images other than blue meat on your signs might help?" Ashlie sat at a nearby table, and did have to admit, the food smelled amazing. Making sure she had a little bit of everything on her fork, she took a careful bite after making sure she wasn't going to burn her mouth. Her eyes instantly lit up. "This is..amazing. I think you've got yourself a regular customer."

Both of their eyes went wide again. "Maybe pass word along? We're worried that if we don't get more people, we'll have to close up. And we'll take your advice about the signage."

Ash nodded. "Of course I will, once I get to know people around here. Thank you for the amazing dinner."


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