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Settling In

Posted on 19 Aug 2021 @ 11:31pm by Lieutenant Commander David Moreau

662 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: 2390
Location: Security

Lieutenant Commander David Moreau sat in the 'Crow's Nest' as the Security Operations Center was called on the station, looking at the vast array of consoles, personnel moving to and for under his overwatch position, and the steady stream of reports coming up on the screens all around him.

He swiveled in his chair, a luxuriously padded faux black leather model from the late twentieth century that he'd had replicated to suit his larger frame and looked at what he called the Security Command View and called up the threat analysis and cyber security status for the station.

Green. Yellow. A few red spots. They ranged from being so minor that it wasn't worth sending out personnel to check on it to reports of a brawl in progress in one of the cargo bays in the East Tower, Deck Fourteen. Fourteen civilians, nine Security personnel and one very angry freighter Captain that was demanding his shipment or his payment.

It would be settled before he got personally involved and he'd have the condensed report to read, sign off on, determine if he could institute punishment or if it needed to be moved up the chain. Either way, he'd be doing more PADDwork and pushing it up the digital stream to Commodore Salire, but it was what the Anurian wanted and that's what he'd get.

David turned to a holographic view of the station behind him and brought up the deck listing in general terms that he could wrap his mind around before he tackled all the bigger picture.

The Avalon Class station had a central tower where Command resided, which was still an incredibly stupid idea to Moreau, with a total of forty decks. To the north was Bashir Medical Center with twenty-one decks. To the east was the Repair and Services Tower and opposite that was the Civilian Operations Tower and finally Gamma Headquarters in the south Tower. All of them had a mere twenty-one decks.

"Small chunks before the big picture, Davy," he told himself, using a nickname on himself that he'd hurt others for using in reference to him.

Next was the upper part of the Avalon Class starbase with the Opaka Center occupying twelve decks and the Operations Center taking up another thirty decks. The upper dock was another ninety docks and finally the Habitat Ring with twenty more decks.

He next took in the Central Hub with the four Arms and Junctions, the Starfighter Operations center on Arm Three and the Starfighter Launch Bay at Junction Three before he moved to the lower base and dock which encapsulated another ninety decks and the last sixty reserved for Engineering.

It was a monumental undertaking for one person to be in charge of the safety of all the personnel on the station and the station itself. Then there was the Search and Rescue Division which he would be leading when a mission required it and he had yet to pick out three main teams of personnel to fill the divisions out.

David pulled up the personnel in his department and sorted them by who had the most cross-training in the departments of Engineering, Operations and Medical. While the computer sorted that, he pulled up the station personnel list by department and once again ran a cross check on everyone who would be qualified for a SAR mission if required and put that list aside for later.

Two hours later, Moreau finished a report on proposed personnel currently available to the Commodore and leaned back in his chair. It was a lot of material to cover, but he had done and now he set to checking out the Security training regimens, available resources for Security, holoprograms and all the protocols and contingencies that station had and began to make another list.

It was going to take time, but the big bald man was going to make certain that Gamma Command would become the safest in the quadrant or any other.


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