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[Starbase] Mean Vs Green

Posted on 03 Aug 2021 @ 12:16pm by Commodore Virid Salire & Lieutenant Commander David Moreau

Mission: 2390
Location: Commodore Salire's Office
Timeline: Date 2390-03-04 at 0900

David had barely gotten to Gamma Command, still surprised by his unexpected transfer. He had been expecting to have to wait after back to back transfers, first from the Black Hawk, and then from Deep Space whatever it was. Now he found himself at a starbase still under construction and had orders to report to a Commodore Salire and he accessed a PADD to give him the location of the Commodore's office.

Once that was established, the large Security Chief checked his uniform, grateful that it was still clean after a thirteen hour shuttle trip with an Ensign that just wouldn't shut up. He grabbed a cup of Iced Raktajino and guzzled it down, then grabbed the PADD with the transfer orders on it and headed to the nearest turbolift. A short trip later, the doors swished open with what he could swear was a satisfied sigh at a job well done, but there was no accompanying offer to have whatever kind of day, for which he was again grateful.

He gave his uniform shirt a quick tug, then headed down the corridor and passed many different species until he came to the door marked with the Commodore's name and pressed the chime.

The doors parted rather suddenly. To the untrained eye, the proportions in the room seemed to be off. The desk was not as large as most station commanders, nor the seat behind it. In fact, one could assume that half the furniture in the room was designed for children to use. The seat behind the desk had its back to the new arrival, making it difficult to either party to identify the other.

David paused and looked as the doors opened, revealing what must have been a practical joke on the new guy. Sure, miniaturize everything and have it be a kid's playroom. Ha. Ha. He mentally laughed in a dry tone. He stepped forward and cleared his throat. "Commodore Salire, Lieutenant Commander David Moreau reporting for duty, Sir."

The response came to Commander Moreau through a raspy, throaty voice that sounded like a human male whose nasal passages were completely blocked, "Welcome to Gamma Command, Mister Moreau." The chair swung around to reveal a short and thin person. The voice, however, didn't belong to a human at all. Sitting in the chair was what most humans would describe as a frog, green, almost leathery skin with a bit of a shine to it, two eyes with black pupils atop the head, and clothed in a Starfleet command uniform. Upon his right breast was a Commodore's rank insignia. "I'm Commodore Virid Salire. I trust your transfer was without incident."

Moreau had seen a lot of different species in his career, but he had never met a talking amphibian that looked like a frog. He took a moment before he handed over the PADD, reminding himself that all species are equal unless they're trying to kill you. He kept his eyes at Attention status, looking a millimeter to the left of the frog..Commodore. "A bit long, but not unexpected. Thank you, Sir."

Virid had to stand on the chair in order to close the short distance between him and Moreau. "At ease, Commander. We don't need to stand so firmly on ceremony for this meeting. In fact, feel free to help yourself at the replicator while I sign off on your paperwork."

The Commander was over two feet taller than the...whatever species the Commodore was and he found himself leaning down to offer the PADD so he wouldn't have to reach for it so much. "Thank you, Sir," he said and tried to relax without still towering over the being.

"Thank you," came the nasally voice before the large eyes turned their attention to the padd. "I do know that practically every soul aboard this station towers over me, but that doesn't mean I can't stand on level ground with everyone. If it makes you feel better, you can have a seat."

"Thank you, Commodore," David said as he took a seat and gave the man? Was he male? Female? Both? his attention and respect. "You stand above most of us, Sir."

"Nonsense," Virid said, entering his authorization code into the transfer orders, accepting the man as his new Chief of Security. "I value everyone's opinion, especially those on the senior staff. I trust that you will not be afraid to speak your mind here at Gamma Command, especially since this planet was razed twice, once by the Dominion and once by the Consortium. We're all very fortunate that the Consortium never attempted to destroy this facility."

"If you've read my files, you'll see I have an abundance of speaking my mind," David said. "Sometimes, too much so, but I'll try to filter it if there's time. I'm used to do it now or pay later and I hate having a debt."

The Commodore nodding, having read Moreau's files, including the several incident reports. "But you get the job done, and frankly, that's what I prefer to happen. Then again, I'd expect nothing less than those that had to push through some of the nastiest conflicts of our generation in Starfleet."

"Please don't remind me," Moreau said. "Living it was enough. What's on your agenda for the station that requires my attention?" He had his own ideas and detailed plans together on his way there to the Avalon class station, but he knew that the higher ups always wanted their two credits shining.

The Anuran leaned back in his chair and pulled it forward to the desk. "To be frank, Commander, the Consortium Crisis isn't over. Two years ago, the Gamma Quadrant was blown to hell, taking with it any positive reputation Starfleet had gained since the Dominion War. We're not respected, and there is a lot that happens even on this base. We need to keep the riff raff from taking control again, but doing so in a way that reminds people that not only did we beat the Dominion, but also that our ideals really are worth getting behind."

"So that means you'd object to blast doors coming down under General Quarters for and flooding compartments with Anesthizine if we're boarded?" the Security Chief asked.

"Depends on the situation," replied the frog-like creature. "And the location. I could see blast doors around critical locations, such as shuttlebays, Ops, and the like. Anesthizine as a last resort, or if civilians are in danger. I would appreciate containment field generators in every section to help contain boarding parties."

"With backup power generators that operate separately from the station and I'd prefer if we used two layers of forcefields with different frequencies to make them harder to get through and give my people time to respond," David said.

"Speaking of response," Virid said, waving one of his small hands as he brought up one long digit to scratch the underside of his chin. "According to your orders, it seems I'm sharing you with Gamma Command's Chief of Special Projects. Something about Search and Rescue."

"Yes, Sir," Moreau said. "I'm fully trained in Search and Rescue operations in any environment. I haven't had much opportunity to use it on ships, but I keep updated via the holodeck and hard training."

"That's good to hear, because we've had a lot of opportunities for a SAR team out here in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet has been in the quadrant for two decades now, and there are a lot of places for a ship to get into danger and need a rescue. Do you know anything about the team you've been assigned?"

"Ahhh, not yet, Sir," he said. "The PADD with all that information was sent ahead with my luggage. I apologize, Sir, but I'll get on that as soon as you dismiss me and put together a detailed report for you. Will they also hold main positions on the base?"

Virid offered a slight shrug. "I suppose it will all depend on how much you are called upon by Gamma's Chief of Special Operations. To my knowledge, Admiral O'Connell is personally overseeing Special Ops pending the assignment of a Chief. If your personnel do hold dual positions, I will require you to ensure that your SAR members have a backup for their position and duties while they are on special assignment. That will go doubly so for yourself."

"Naturally, Sir," David said as he made a mental note to what the Commodore wanted. "I don't take excuses as to why someone can't pull an extra shift if they're needed. If I pulled through AR-558, they can damned sure get their asses out of their bunks and report for duty while me and my teams head out to rescue someone."

"Between you and I, Commander," stated the Commodore, "I do hope your staff doesn't behave in such a negative manner. In the meantime, do you have any questions for me?"

"Yes, Sir," he said. "The main one being is that am I going to be stuck doing a bunch of PADDwork, or can I actually get out and achieve real results, no matter what's needed?"

One of Virid's large eyeballs grew in size, curious by the question. "I suppose it depends on your definition of real results."

"Bringing our brothers and sisters back alive," the Security Chief responded. "But am I going to be buried in PADDwork between times, or allowed to do my job?"

Virid paused for a moment before answering. He'd read Moreau's file and knew that the giant of a man sitting in front of him was a man of action. The worst thing that could happen to him was to be chained to a desk. Yet, that was one of the things about Starbase life. The only direction Gamma Command would be going in every day was the orbit it maintained above New Bajor.

"Mister Moreau," he said at last. "I expect my senior officers to get a job done. The only way you'll be buried in paddwork will be if you are an expert in procrastination. In addition to your SAR duties, I'll expect you to know every inch, every flaw, and every stronghold within this station. Yes, there is crime. Yes, there is contraband. You're not going to find it all chained to a desk."

The Commodore continued, "And bear in mind, Mister Moreau, there are several large piracy and syndicates out here, and they've gotten worse in the last two years. I expect you to end their activity on this station. Is that answer clear enough for you?"

"By the time I get done, which won't take long, I'll have every compartment that isn't being officially used cleaned of anyone and thing unsavory and against station rules removed," David said. "Crime hasn't met me yet and I guarantee that the population of the station is going to drop."

Virid nodded at the man. "I applaud your enthusiasm, Commander. Well, either way, I know you will have your hands full. We may already have a staff, but the station is still unfinished with lots more left to do. There's plenty to keep us all busy for a while."

David gave a nod. "Finished or unfinished, I'll start getting the riff raff out of the dark corners immediately," he vowed. "Are there any refugees on the station that's sanctioned?"

"There's always a handful," Virid stated. "Some have been here or on Deep Space 11 for years. Others just in the last few months. We have a list that I can make accessible to you."

"Thank you, Sir. That will come in very useful. I plan on getting a foothold on this station and then turn it into a stronghold," David said. "It'll be the most secure station in the Gamma Quadrant."

Virid smiled. That wouldn't be much of a challenge, considering that Starfleet only had three stations in all of the Gamma Quadrant. "Excellent. I've always wanted to give Starbase Unity a run for its money."

"They'll model after us by the time I'm done," Moreau promised him.

The Commodore nodded. "Well, Mister Moreau, unless you have anything else to discuss, perhaps its time to get to it."

"You got it, Commodore," David said as he came to his feet, recognizing the dismissal for what it was and headed off.


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