[HQ] Vista Grande

Posted on 24 Jul 2021 @ 1:32pm by Admiral Zachary O'Connell
Edited on on 03 Aug 2021 @ 2:03am

Mission: 2390
Location: Admiral's Office, Gamma Command
Timeline: Date 2390-03-01 at 1000

Admiral Zachary O’Connell stood in his office, gazing out beyond the magnificent view from the window. One year ago today, he had left the Gamma Quadrant behind for the Cardassian border. At the time, he was grateful to leave the trials he’d experienced at the hands of the Consortium behind him. And, he was quite successful in his dealings and tasks there.

Zachary had felt, however, that he’d left something behind. Part of him missed the freedom that the USS O’Carroll had offered, and the rustic frontier look that Starbase Unity provided. Not to mention that he certainly didn’t appreciate Starfleet Command looking over his shoulder, questioning every decision. When he’d heard that Admiral Archer had retired, Zach made a bid for returning to the Gamma Quadrant. He still remembered the day he walked into Admiral Clancy’s office, prepared with a full presentation and argument for why he was the perfect candidate to oversee Starfleet’s reconstruction and fortification in the Gamma Quadrant. He’d barely got two words out of his mouth before she offered him the position. For whatever reason, she had already made her decision prior to the meeting being arranged.

Part of him wondered if she was purposely wanting to be rid of him. The Cardassian border required a diplomat, a tactician. He was an engineer by trade, and he sure knew how to build and maintain. That was exactly what the Gamma Quadrant needed now: reconstruction. Years ago, Starfleet had begun to build a new installation in orbit of New Bajor, and it miraculously survived the Consortium Crisis unscathed. It was still a year away from completion, but at least it was inhabitable and usable.

Zachary loved it. He loved the frontier and he equally loved the freedom. Most importantly, he got to see more of his wife and child. Jillian had followed him every step of the way, giving birth to their son, Scott, during the Battle of Deep Space 11, the definitive battle between Starfleet, their Dominion allies, and the Consortium. Now, a year and a half later, she was four months pregnant with their next child.

He couldn’t wait to see what opportunities the Gamma Quadrant had for him now, especially since he was in command of all of Starfleet’s Gamma Quadrant assets. Their operational strength was barely sixty percent of what it was two years ago, and the quadrant knew it. The Selubassari continued to challenge Finnea Prime and Deep Space 15 on the westward sectors. Dominion ships now freely passed through Federation space, and even though it had been fifteen years since the war, tensions still flared. Piracy was on the rise, threatening every convoy and outward colony. Even the Cardassians and Ferengi had returned to the Gamma Quadrant, making their own territorial and commercial claims.

And then there was the frontier. Strange new worlds. New civilizations.

Zach sipped his coffee as he took in the horizon once more. This was the life he wanted, and he’d do it for as long as his body allowed. Gamma Command would be his final assignment. He was going to make it a good one.